This article details the importance of the no contact rule when it comes to getting your ex back. Read this and learn the main reasons why and how the no contact rule works especially if what you’re doing now is pushing your ex away!

Reattracting Your Ex Back!

First, I want to make something clear in this article. Just like your ex girlfriend was attracted to you in the beginning, somewhere down the line, she lost attraction for you.

You have to come to terms with this, and you have to admit that this happened and is one of the main reasons why your breakup happened. If you are in denial about this, you have virtually no chance in getting your ex back no matter how many tricks, tactics or strategies you employ.

Now that we have that out of the way, you must also come to terms with finding exactly the things that caused your ex girlfriend to call it quits with you. I’m going to tell you a story, and it pains me to do this because it’s about my best friend that I’ve known since I was five years old.

You see, he was married for 14 years, and one day she decided to call it quits. He could not fathom what it was that she was tired of or bored of, and it came as quite a shock to him.

In his mind, he treated her good, and it’s true. Everyone that he talked to told him she was crazy for wanting to divorce him. However, they also told him that she treated him like dirt also.

It was true that he treated her good, but from my point of view, he treated her too good. Way too good for someone who treated him like dirt. And she did.

He made her breakfast and coffee and brought to her in bed every morning. Not just once in awhile. Every morning!

While he went to work, she did absolutely nothing at home, so when he came back home from work, he had to help her cook, clean, and care for their daughter. Often, he would do it all by himself.

The sad part is that he still doesn’t get it. He still thinks that there was little reason for her to want a divorce, but I saw clearly why! He wasn’t being a strong person.

Letting someone walk all over you is not attractive! No one with a strong belief in their own self worth would take being walked on for long.

There was no way I was going to help him get his wife back, for I truly believe he is better off without her. I’ve been helping him not to get back with her.

And the great thing about it is that he is starting to become attractive. He doesn’t bend to her every wish now, and he stands up to her and for himself now. They have to stay in contact because of their daughter.

However, he is trying to live his own life now and move on. Now don’t get me wrong here. He is still nice and polite to her, but he doesn’t give in to her demands and BS.

Now, the reason for your breakup could be very different from his. There’s a good chance it is. The point is - you have to find out separated you two to begin with and truly change it. Not change it with her, but with you.

This is the first crucial step in re-attracting your ex girlfriend back, and it’s probably the most important. Remember, you cannot just pick up where you two left off. Where you left off headed you both towards a breakup.

Things have to change and for the better, and like I said before, you cannot force someone else to change. You can only change yourself for the better. If she is like my best friend’s ex, I highly advise you don’t get back with your ex.

Be a man, have goals, and have a life outside your relationships. Making your girlfriend the center of your universe is the best way to lose her and every girl you end up being with. Part of attraction is having a person want to be a part of your life. Not living your life entirely around them.

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The Compliment Text From The Mike Fiore Text Your Ex Back System

There’s no doubt that the Text Your Ex Back system by Mike Fiore is the number get your ex back strategy out there today. By now, you may have heard of Across the Bow Texts. I hope you have because they’re directly related to the Compliment Text.

However, before I get into the functions of Compliment Texts, it’s imperative I remind you that getting your ex back is a complete strategy and process. If you haven’t realized this by now, chances are you have very limited knowledge on how to actually get an ex back.

There is no one sweet thing to say to your ex to get them back. Those who are looking for one sweet thing to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back really are lost when it comes to texting or getting back an ex.

Like I always say: It’s a process! It’s a process of the right things to say and the right things to do.

Across the Bow Text or a Compliment Text are just parts of this process. If you think either of them are the magic texts that will have your ex running back into your arms, you’re really not willing to do what it takes to get your ex back.

Sorry, but I’ve been there and done that. I know it ain’t that easy, nor should it be. Nothing in this life that’s valuable comes easy.

So Compliment Texts is just a variant on Across the Bow Texts. It’s actually the second formula to Across the Bow Text messages, and both are used to gently open the door for more possible communication with your ex.

These texts are used in breaking the no contact rule when you are ready to do so, and I’ve always said that being ready means you know the strategy on how to get an ex back. If you don’t know what comes after the texts, you’re not ready.

These texts also help you to feel out just how they feel about you, while also helping to reverse negative thoughts they may have of you into positive ones. In a sense, they help to plant the seeds of your ex seeing you in a positive light again.

Unlike the first formula to Across the Bow Texts, Compliment Texts also have the function of letting your ex know that you are okay with the break up and have moved on from it.


These are just some of the functions of what this text message is supposed to achieve in helping your ex to think positive about you again, as well as helping to let your ex become less defensive about you. However, you should learn more about them.

Now it’s time for you to see some examples. Visit the link to learn more about and see examples of a compliment text from the Mike Fiore Text Your Ex Back System.

You can also click the link to see Michael Fiore Text Examples of Across the Bow Texts.


Wondering what are compliment texts from the Text Your Ex Back system by Michael Fiore. Read this article to find out exactly what these text messages are, how they’re used, as well as see some Compliment Text examples.

For those of you who doubt or don’t understand the logic behind the no contact rule after a breakup, this article explains exactly why you are increasing your chances of losing any possible relationship with your ex by ignoring the no contact rule. Do NOT miss reading this article, for it explains the cold-hard truth about no contact that many who oppose it refuse to acknowledge. Then again, they aren’t trying to get their ex’s back, are they?

What To Do After The No Contact Rule?

So what happens after the no contact rule? That has been a pretty vague topic in the past. I’m going to give you three of the main scenarios of what happens after the no contact rule.

1. Your ex contacts you.

2. You contact your ex.

3. You decide that you really don’t want your ex back and he or she was just really no good for you at all.

All three of these scenarios all really boils down to what you want after no contact. Actually, it all boils down to whether you think your ex is worth getting back or not.

Now, if you’re ex contacts you during the no contact rule this can be a good thing. It definitely puts you in a better position than if you have to break no contact and reconnect with them yourself. This is especially true if you were the one who was broken up with.

One and three can go hand in hand. You could’ve decided during no contact that your ex just wasn’t worth getting back whatsoever. When the dust settles from the emotional pain of a breakup, quite a few people do realize that they don’t want their ex back after all, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, it can be a lucky break for you if you really do desire them back and your ex contacts you first. Why is that? Because the ball is really in your court now.

Note: I said a lucky break here. Just because they contact you may not mean they want to jump back into a relationship with you again. They may have really missed you and aren’t ready to completely have you out of their lives yet. In other words, you still have to re-attract your ex again. Yes, you can mess it up. Unfortunately, a lot of people do.

However, if you decide that your ex is truly worth getting back, and you’ve followed all the steps during the no contact rule period, option 2 of contacting your ex is necessary if they haven’t contacted you. Remember, you end no contact when you’re completely ready and have rid of those nasty breakup emotions.

How do you do this? How do you break no contact after the no contact rule? Should you email your ex? Should you call? Should you write a letter? I have one word for you and that’s “text.” Not just any old text will do. It has to intrigue them enough to respond!

So what do you text your ex after the no contact rule? Follow the link to discover what’s called across the bow texts that you should send your ex after the no contact rule, as well as discover the #1 most advanced, effective and powerful formula to use simple text messages to literally text back your ex.


If you’re wondering what happens after the no contact rule or the best way to get initiate contact with your ex, you need to read this article to discover what an across the bow text message is and how it can help you to re-establish communication with your ex the right way after no contact. Serious about getting an ex back? Don’t miss finding out what Across the Bow Texts after the no contact rule does!